First, we would like to welcome you to our website. It is a place where you will always find only the best organic products. Most of these will come from Latin America.

Although occasionally, we will add products from somewhere else. But wherever they come from, our promise to you is that they will be outstanding.

Our Team.

Second, we would like to introduce ourselves.  We are all from Latin America – Ecuador and Mexico – but we have lived in Europe for many years. We are involved in UK-Latin American trade and between us we have skills in international finance, food technology, agricultural production and logistics. We also share the same ambition – to find the best organic food products, while supporting sustainable agriculture, local farming communities and Fair Trade. With post Brexit UK seeking to expand its trade beyond Europe, we aim to build stronger links  between Britain and Latin America by bringing the best, healthiest, ethically produced agricultural foodstuffs to the UK.


Lorena Aguirre

Chief Executive


Teresa Echevarria

Finance Director


Jenny Landy Freitas

Co-founder and Sales Manager


Rogelio Aguirre

Director of Logistics

Our vision.

It’s our responsibility to provide organic Fairtrade-accredited products from partners with high ethical standards. We believe Fairtrade helps everyone in developing countries get a just deal – farmers, growers and producers

Top Eco Taste enables growers the chance to adopt farming methods that ensure safer working conditions, healthy local communities and sustainable environments.

Trading in this way restores pride and passion in producers, instills integrity and transparency in business practices and builds lasting relationships with customers.

Our beliefs.

We run a commercial company, not a charity - for profit and ethical ideals are not contradictory – they are natural bedfellows.

By offering products at competitive prices we support farmers and manufacturers – and where they live and work.

Our aims.

We will deliver the very best products and excellent service at competitive prices, while maintaining a sustainable and principled operation.

We will also provide a fair and friendly working environment for staff and partners.